My feelings after watching the flim ----Dead Poet Society

The movie is one of the most wonderful films I have

ever watched.To be honest,I finished the film with tears.When the boys stood on the desks one by one,and shouted:"Oh, Captain, my Captain."I could not help crying. It was really touching my heart.

The story happened in a school which had 4 pillars----Tradition,Honor,Discipline,excellence.Mr Keating,a new teacher who wanted to change the way in teaching.He told his students

to do what they like to do and to enjoy themselves;to do thingsnot just obey the books,but to look at some-thing in another

way,to consider own their minds and find new ground. With the

fluence of Mr Keating, some of his students founded their own "dead poet society".

Neil came to stage to do what he liked to do without his

father's agreement,for his father do not allow him to act.

Tod told the girl who had boyfriend that he loved her so much,and wrote her a poet.

They did what they liked to do, and they were happy.But other teachers and students' parents were not happy about that,exspecially Neil's father. When he found his son went to act a buffoonwithout his agreement, he was so angry. He wanted Neil to

transfer to another school,for he thought it was Mr Keating's

fault. But, Neil didn't want to. Then, one night, Neil killed

himself. Neil died. Mr Keating became the one to be blame. And he was fired. Before he was leaving, he smailed. Because he

knew his students imbeded his mind deeply into their thoughts. That's worth it!

"Poetry, beauty, romance and love,these are what we stay

live for", yes, we are just a person,not a product. We live on the earth with our own passion. Without do what we like to do, I perfer I have never lived. So, Neil choose to die. Neil was

not born to be a doctor as his father thought, he like acting. He killed himself in the end, in fact, it's his father killed

him. Just like the actor's lines in the 3 Idiots:"It's not

suicide, it's murdered". Parents regarded the school as heaven,but to the students, it's hell. Parents always think things usetheir own minds. They never think for their chindren: Are they like it? what they like to do? They always think that become a

doctor or engineer will be much honour. They never consider

that their children might be not like it. They just know that

become a doctor or engineer will earn a lot of money and have agood life. They always think they are right.

But, sometimes,they are wrong. Absolutely wrong!

Mr keating, the captain,who wanted to change the

eduation system of the school and change the mind of

parents, but failed. For me,I think he did not.I think it will come true one day, also in my conutry.

It is a valuable moive for us to watch, and to learn.